Sunday, September 14, 2008

birthdays, drama and jetlag: goodtimes goes b a n a n a s

well it didn't help that i arrived at 4 pm from switzerland and josh was away in croatia. so by the time it was 10 pm when i started, it was 4 in the morning for me. maybe dirk (bartender's bf) all in leather behind me (a poster i picked up in zurich) gave me the extra boost. maybe not, actually.

i have no idea who these boys are, but i think they had the longest legs of the night.

thanks ben for filling in while i took a power nap in the corner!

simon made a cameo even though school was in full effect.

it was my good friend david's birthday! so you knew all the flavorpill heads were out tonight (even my straight friend thomas, who gets cred for taking most of these photos!)

what a fucking dickhead.

mike frog finally made a guest appearance after never coming to goodtimes. ever.

imagine that.

xander came in all fashion week style, while christian took notes on how to wear sunglasses at night and heath (who also finally came out to say hi on a wed) took note.

who's the coolest guy in nyc?

anthony and mike lasted til 3 am. wow. i was slipping in and out of consciousness at that point.

hey! look who's back from europe, and look who he brung!

nita, another wed night first-timer.

darren, always angry cause i'm much more muscular than him.

someone actually got the reflection right. i'm sleeping in this picture. see you next week!

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