Monday, September 29, 2008

gavlivia's wedding

i was itching to go upstate. my favorite couple in the world was getting married . perfect timing! chris, double d, david morrow, drunk kim and i hopped into a rental (bmw, thank you) and headed to new paltz!

after getting lost for about an hour, we finally ended up at our weird ass hotel where weird ass kim got all weird on us.

the chapel was cute and reminded us of the Strangers (is tamara home?)

Carolina Herrera.. I'm sorry.. (and gav's in prada!!)

you can't tell but I made a funny joke. that's why they are all laughing.

but the funniest thing was when this girl's car fell in a ditch.

obviously, it stayed with me for a while.

omg, did you see the baby that i stole?

the reception was in a decked-out barn... how cool is that??

best photographer ever.

speaking of barn, i think my barn door was open?

double d was my date although he was all up some other boy's kool aid .

i don't blame him.

gav has a twin brother. no lie.

dinner? what? it was all about the cupcakes.

hey look! it's morgan spurlock from supersize me !

it was all about goodtimes (sure, it happens outside of eastern bloc). congratulations ! i love you both gavlivia!

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