Sunday, September 14, 2008

burgler in the building

so i hear a noise at 630 am and its my upstairs neighbor roni screaming "what the fuck are you doing here? do you live here?" response : "I'm looking for my friend" roni: "get the fuck out of here". so i look out my window and there's this random white dude, who looks like he just got out of some stupid white club, racing down our fire escape and sprinting down orchard, i have never seen a white boy run so fast, as if he was in harlem.
oh, you remember, roni, my hot straight upstairs neighbor, right?

anyway, police was involved, roni gets the in the car looking for this fucker.

to no avail. well, he did get to ride with some hot cops (obs, see below) but the best line of the day: "that's the first time i've been in a cop car without handcuffs on."

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