Tuesday, September 9, 2008

swiss ho-down

so after hopping 494 trains throughout the alps, i finally ended up in zurich, where borja flew in from london so we could properly conquer the city together. hey. . could that be a hot guy behind him? what are the chances..
The limmat river is where "it" was at, and on the east side of it we discovered the swiss aren't as boring as we thought!

we met this dude in T&M, the 2-level obligatory gay club every european city has (although here in zurich it's common to find backrooms inside the clubs.. yay for porn, poppers and stds!)

the swiss obviously are a friendly bunch.

you think swiss you think chocolate, cheese, watches, yodeling... but does nobody remember zurich is where the dada cultural movement began? right on spiegel-gasse!

faucet-equipped fountains spewing natural mineral water was ubiquitous in the old city..

so were hot swiss germans.

i could make a great cheese-cutting joke here.... too easy, hand -> platter

yah, it was pretty fucking nice to get away..

we visited west zurich, the burgeoning district, home of Freitag's flagship store (made of large freight containers). Yes, i thought freitag was german as well. fucking swiss, always fooling us.

the great thing about this neighborhood is that it's really fucking industrial, so most stores/bars/clubs are basically gutted out factories and warehouses.

oh, this is the blood that pooled in the chunk of skin missing from my leg.

this is hans. yes, it looks like we're about to make out, but i don't kiss after bathroom quickies. just kidding. he's part of swiss tourism and just happened to know a lot about indie rock scene, thus eager to take us out..

coincidentally Purple Crush from Brooklyn were playing a show and the swiss ate these fuckers up like chocolate pancakes topped with cheese syrup stirred with a swiss knife while timed by a swiss watch.

i said bye to borja and headed to lausanne along lake geneva. obviously my terrace had sweeping views. it was great to sit on the deck chain-smoking amidst the clean air

it didn't make sense to come to lausanne without actually going on the lake...

and because the captain got pretty fucking drunk, he put the asian in charge. good thing i took that percocet, we would have been goners!

see you next year!

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fadfix said...

definetly i gotta go...

"oh, this is the blood that pooled in the chunk of skin missing from my leg." iiiiiiiiiiiiu!!!! ¬¬'