Monday, September 22, 2008

breaking the rules at goodtimes

last week's goodtimes had everyone breaking the rules. Listen, if you're going to roll with the high rollers, don't roll in with rule breaking. We'll do just fine goodtimes style otherwise!

Rule 1: Don't stand at that specific spot... it's not a good place to stand in the bar. No reason, just don't do it.

Rule 2: If you're going to wear sunglasses in a bar, make sure you're hot.

Rule 3: Like this guy on the left. He can rock the sunglasses.

Rule 4: If you're both going to wear black-rim glasses, at least throw up a peace sign.

Rule 5: No laughing at the bar. See, the gay dude has got it down.

Rule 6: Get the fuck outta the dj booth or i'll play billy joel.

rule 7: lift your glasses higher so we know you're drinking.

rule 8: get the fuck outta the dj booth or i'll kill you.
rule 9: don't fucking look at me.

rule 10: don't block my view of the bar, like justin bond of kiki and herb is doing here.

rule 11: if you're gonna do this, might as well go all the way.

had a blast . smack smack, see you this wednesday ! love love ! smack smack ! yum yum! fun !

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