Monday, September 22, 2008

Why cant you be more midwestern?

My first trip to the midwest (i don't count chicago) actually wasn't that bad... first of all, i had to cover the opening of the W Minneapolis, so I was only there two nights. secondly, the event really fucked me up, so i never left the hotel!

Molly Sims was all up in my kool aid (or vice versa). this dude totally wanted in.

You can't tell but that fat guy behind me is pointing to the bar, NOT molly sims.

how henri cartier bresson of me

i have to admit it: they went all out for this event, especially with imprisoning these poor cabaretish dancers.

i don't remember why i took a picture of these midwesterners dancing, but here's a photo of midwesterners dancing.

this was the crew that cleared out my mini bar in my hotel suite after party... they're so fucking lucky they are total babes.

4 am. no lie. i think.

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